Prune Oil

Prune oil cosmetics

D'Agen prune oil from the south west of France is the toast of the culinary world at the moment, and it's no coincidence that it's also making waves in the world of skin care and cosmetics.

Prune oil is also very nutritious. Prune oil contains large amounts of Vitamin E, so much so that it's actually used as a component of some cosmetic skin care creams and lotions. Vitamin E is also a major antioxidant, an emollient, and a detoxifier.

The oil produces a lot of cosmetic products:

* The pure virgin and refined plum oils,
* Micronized plum kernel shell granules (used as exfoliants) ,
* Plum kernel butter
* Plum absolute (high concentrate)

Prune oil has several therapeutic uses:

Because of the cellular functions of Vitamin E, it's a good all round care regime. Vitamin E is a well known skin repairer. It's used across a range of skin conditions as a healer, a support for collagen, and general improvement of dermal health and appearance.

Prune oil is used in specific cosmetic roles, like lip balms, to refresh and volumize. It's particularly useful as a general conditioner for mature skin, and as a moisturizer.

Prune oil has another trick in its cosmetic role. It's non greasy, and penetrates skin easily. That makes it a lot easier, and far more pleasant, to use than many other creams and oils.

This oil has been proving itself exceptional in each of its roles.

The quality of the oil is extraordinary. Comprised of oleic acid (68%) and linoleic (23%) acid, the oil is naturally pure. Chemically, it's 91% pure in its natural state. It doesn't really need refining, and the quality of the virgin oil at extraction is up to the standards of most refined cosmetic oils.

Don't be surprised to hear of it as the next big thing in dietary health, either. Prune oil has really only just begun as a market product, and its quality has been having a big impact on its producers and consumers alike.

The future will be worth watching.