Prune Oil

Prune oil- From d'Agen prune

Prune oil is the new gourmet vegetable oil. Its enigmatic flavor is used across the whole range of expert level dishes, from entrees to ice creams. Sauces and marinades, salad oils or finishing oils, and discreet nuances in bakery or chocolate are all in the repertoire of this unusual oil. It can be mixed with other oils, to produce stunning vinaigrettes. It can be used in sushi and tapas.

As you might have gathered, this is no ordinary oil. Prune oil is derived from d'Agen prune plums. The actual plant is a stone fruit, a prune. The oil is derived from the stone.

The oil is quite unique, unparalleled in some ways. Prune oil is an extremely rich oil. A few drops to taste really are enough, and whole recipes use a tablespoon or two at most. That's because it's also extremely versatile in terms of its uses as flavoring in its own right. It can be used as an additive in frying fish, or as part of a painstaking mix of spices.

It's so versatile, in fact, that the list of uses for prune oil keeps growing as people try new things with it. Prune oil is aromatic, too, with a distinctive smell and flavor. The taste is rich, strong, and almond-like.

Prune oil's smell and taste were its original raison d'etre. In fact it was originally used in France as a substitute for almond oil. It was more economic, and the strong flavor went much further in recipes. It also mixes very well with other oils, and is perfect for highlighting a dish with its individualistic character.

It's a true cooking oil, and it can be heated to 180C in frying. Being all natural, prune oil contains no trans fats. That also improves its cooking qualities, with no additional 'chemistry' affecting it.

However, the real surprises start when you discover the recipes.

The sheer number of recipes and uses seem almost unethical… Particularly when you're writing an article on the subject, looking at the recipes... and can't quite gnaw your way through the computer screen…

Have a look at this list of uses, and try not to drool:

* Strawberries and cream
* Dark chocolate
* Avocado puree
* Ice cream
* Creme brulee
* Fruit crumble
* Marinade of brochette of fruits
* Pancakes
* Chocolate mousse
* Sautee of apricots
* Plum Mirabelle souffles

Oh, never mind!


How could you not drool?

Why, for that matter, wouldn't you?

It's impossible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Herren und Damen, L' Olio!